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In the Berry Empire, privacy is a fundamental human right respected even by the authorities.


Private information

Private information is any information not supposed to be public or not public by default. Examples of private information: Name, Age, Gender, Email, Phone Number, Address, Pictures, Videos, Recordings, Messages, Citizenships, etc.

Private information owner

Owner (of private information) is either the person to whom the information relates the most (in case of personal private information) or the primary source of the inormation.

Disclosure of private information

Private information cannot be disclosed without express permission of its owner.

Processing private information

Any party storing, processing or viewing private information (even ephemerally) (both digitally and physically) needs express permissions of all individual private information owners.

Right to be forgotten

Private information owners can request complete removal of their data from (both digital and physical) systems. Such requests have to be processed in 14 days.


All diplomacy is considered a public matter, unless otherwise agreed.