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Berry Empire Constitution

August 18th, 2020

§0 Sovereignty

The Berry Empire is an independent and sovereign self-governing international entity.

§1 Governance

The Berry Empire is ruled by an emperor. The emperor may choose a lieutenant emperor - their representative and successor. The lieutenant emperor will rule the empire in the event of emperor’s voluntary renunciation of power or inactivity.

§2 Recognition

The Berry Empire recognizes each sovereign entity that has control over their respective territory

§2 Citizenship

The emperor or an authority chosen by the emperor is allowed to grant, suspend or revoke citizenships.

§4 Visa

Governor of each territory is responsible for issuing visas.

§5 Military

The emperor may start a mobilization because of propaganda, to defend the empire or as a result of a diplomatic agreement.

§6 Law

Laws, treaties and contracts can enter into the force by signature of the emperor or the lieutenant emperor.

Signed Redberry, MP
December 23rd 2021
The Sand Well